About Us

xox interactive is a privately owned development and production studio founded October 2013 in the Ruhr area of Germany and is also based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Technology is our passion – especially digital games, art, entertainment and tools, which enhance our everydays life. New technologies sooner or later change the way of our living and so did digital technology. More and more people are living as part of digital societies in a virtual world. And we want to support you and everybody in this change and be an active part of it. Having an open-source and free software background since the mid nineties, our goal is to improve everyones digital experience. We are bothered by bad software, inappropriate pricing, adware, theft of digital identities or data, stupid terms and conditions and you name it. In contrast to all of these we want to be the better company.

This doesn’t mean that we can leave all the topics mentioned above aside. They are a fact of digital living an we are taking care of them with our own advertising, licensing and data privacy strategy. Our philosophy is to be nice, easy and fair.

We believe in trust, respect and partnership. But we also know that there are abusers of the freedom and the possibilities we got by digital technologies. We will react with no tolerance in these cases.

Let’s make the internet a better place to live in, together.

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