“Mein erstes Buch – Gegensätze” is published

Today we have published the 3rd eBook in our “Mein erstes Buch” series.

This eBook is an picture eBook for kids and aims to raise an understanding for differences and opposites. It is written in German and is available on Amazon.de: link to Amazon.de.

Check out the preview on Amazon or just check out the preview here: Mein erstes Buch – Gegensätze.

You might have concerns about giving children access to technology at such an early age. I’d like to address these concerns with two answers:

(First answer) Everybody – including our children – are anyway in touch with technology – all day long. You just can’t keep it away from them. So, if you can’t stop it, at least control it. It’s better than giving up.

(Second answer) Besides the statement above, we don’t think that we should keep technology away from our children. It is deeply integrated into our (modern) life. The sooner children learn to use it, the better they will succeed. Think of this from the following perspective: 500 years ago people didn’t use books to raise their kids. But today nobody can really think of raising their children without book – books specifically created for children. Everybody agrees that the responsibly use of this (by then new) media is beneficial for the development of our children. This analogy is also true for digital entertainment. 

Every new media and technology is changing our society. We don’t have to run away from it. Let us use it in a responsible way.

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