“Mein erstes Buch – Zahlen” is published

We have just published our next eBook in the “Mein erstes Buch” series: Mein erstes Buch – Zahlen.

This is a picture eBook for Kids and aims to raise an understanding for numbers and amounts. It is written in German and is available on Amazon.de: link to Amazon.de

Check out the preview on Amazon or just check out the preview here: Mein erstes Buch – Zahlen.

We are aware that kids and technology have to be brought together carefully. But having the right media and content makes this challenge easier, is more enjoyable for the children and in addition they can learn while having fun.

Just keeping technology away from our children isn’t the right approach as well. It is just too protective. Technology is part of our daily life and children are in contact with technology all day long. So give them a chance to participate in the right way.

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