Our first eBook is published: Mein erstes Buch – Tiere

This is exiting! We have just published our first eBook. Not only is it an eBook: it is an eBook for Kids! It is written in German and available on Amazon.de: link to Amazon.de

This eBook is a picture book for toddlers, which shows various cute and lovely animals. Kids are just going to love it. Check out the preview on Amazon or just check out the preview here: Mein erstes Buch – Tiere.

One might argue that children shouldn’t use technology at such an early age. But we believe that the digitization is affecting our whole society, including our children. And we believe in the democratization of digital entertainment. Everybody should be able to get access to it. The question is about how we can handle it responsibly. This is why we have specifically designed this eBook for kids; so kids don’t have to consume content, which is not suited for their age.

Of course parents have to oversee their children. Children shouldn’t be using technology all day long. Instead they need to be stimulated in manifold different ways. This is of course the parents responsibility.

We have to face it that wont not able to keep technology away from our children. Then it is better, if you can control it.

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