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xDoc Error: xDoc can’t load its Asset Resources!
Most probably the script assignments of xDoc’s scriptable objects got lost. These objects are located in the ‘Assets\Editor Default Resources\xDoc-FreeReader\Config’ folder. Either reassign them, reimport a working backup or contact support.
If you need the support link or email addresses, please refer to the xDoc tab in the Unity Preferences: ‘Edit’ menu -> ‘Preferences…’ -> ‘xDoc’.
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:18)
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:16)
Checked the assignments, everything looks fine. Unity 2018.3

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I have a few questions please.

Do you try to import xDoc to a new and empty project? Or is it an existing project? Or is it an existing project in which xDoc is already being used?

Did you copy all or parts of the project via the unity editor, the OS or a versioning system? Do you use a versioning system?

Did you use xDoc before and everything was fine till now, but just now it is throwing the error?

Do you have backups or older versions? Do they work?

Are you using xDoc in a team or just by your own?

Meanwhile I’ll be installing Unity 2018.3 and have a closer look. We should try to fix this latest over the weekend. During the week I will have only limited time unfortunately.

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