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xDoc Error: xDoc can’t load its Asset Resources!
Most probably the script assignments of xDoc’s scriptable objects got lost. These objects are located in the ‘Assets\Editor Default Resources\xDoc-FreeReader\Config’ folder. Either reassign them, reimport a working backup or contact support.
If you need the support link or email addresses, please refer to the xDoc tab in the Unity Preferences: ‘Edit’ menu -> ‘Preferences…’ -> ‘xDoc’.
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:18)
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:16)
Checked the assignments, everything looks fine. Unity 2018.3

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it´s an existing Project. We use collab. It´s the first time i use it, will try on empty project later.
Plan is to use it as team via Collab

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Let me give a quick answer on this. I have to elaborate further, but this might already help.

Do not import xDoc, if you are working as a team. Rather let one team member import it, then every other has to get it via the versioning system. You need these two directories:
AssetsEditor Default ResourcesxDoc
AssetsEditor Default ResourcesxDoc-FreeReader

The reason are the serial objects, which store the xDoc config (different types of annotations, etc.). Each serial object is referred to by a hash number, which is created by Unity on the fly **locally** (means the local computer). So you need one leading system, creating these hash tags/ids and the others follow. If every team member is maintaining their own independent copy of xDoc, the serial objects of xDoc wont be in sync.

To be more specific. Let’s say you have a game object with an annotation of type “comment”. The annotation type is a serial object, with a hash id, which is created when imported. The annotation has this hash id as a reference and you want to make sure every team member has the exactly same hash id/number.

I hope I could somehow explain it. Please tell me, if I was not clear enough or it that was not the source of the problem.

Thats what i did. The error is instant after import. No one else touched it

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