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xDoc Error: xDoc can’t load its Asset Resources!
Most probably the script assignments of xDoc’s scriptable objects got lost. These objects are located in the ‘Assets\Editor Default Resources\xDoc-FreeReader\Config’ folder. Either reassign them, reimport a working backup or contact support.
If you need the support link or email addresses, please refer to the xDoc tab in the Unity Preferences: ‘Edit’ menu -> ‘Preferences…’ -> ‘xDoc’.
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:18)
xDoc.XDocAssetManagerAssistant:.cctor() (at Assets/Editor/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/XDocAssetManagerAssistant.cs:16)
Checked the assignments, everything looks fine. Unity 2018.3

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OK, I have uploaded a new version of xDoc to the asset store and we are now waiting for the approval. This is now version 2.0.

As a special bonus all source code is published as well.

The asset upload tool alerted a small error. But the community suggest to ignore it, as it is not relevant. We’ll see in a few days hopefully. Stay tuned 😉

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ok, thanks Selim. I´ll check as soon as its available

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