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Hi! This is a very good Asset

I purchased xdoc at the company.

However, there is a little problem.

When I build, if the platform is a PC it will not be a problem.
However, if I switch to platform PS4 or Vita and build it, I get an error.


Assets/Editor Default Resources/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/Annotation.cs(7,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `xDocBuild’ could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Assets/Editor Default Resources/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/Annotation.cs(17,28): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `XDocAnnotationBase’ could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

Error building Player because scripts had compiler errors

  • Unity ver is 5.6.1
  • Unity corresponding to PS 4 and Vita is available only to companies that sign up for SIE.

I am poor at English, so I use Google Translate.
Please forgive me if the sentences are wrong.

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We have fixed the bug, but providing a new bug-fixed package will take some time because of Unity’s asset publishing policies and procedures.

As a quick fix, could you please do the following:

  1. Open the file ‘Assets/Editor Default Resources/xDoc-FreeReader/Scripts/Annotation.cs’ in any text editor.
  2. Replace all content with the code provided at the end of this answer.
  3. Please feedback, if it fixed your problem or not.
// File: Annotation

namespace xDoc


    using UnityEngine;
    using xDocBase;

    [HelpURL ("")]
    [AddComponentMenu (Annotation.menuPath, Annotation.menuPosition)]
    public class Annotation : XDocAnnotationBase
        public const int menuPosition = -999;
        public const string menuPath = "xDoc Annotation";

    using UnityEngine;

    public class Annotation : MonoBehaviour
        /// <summary>
        /// This function is called when the object becomes enabled and active.
        /// As result the annotation is deleted from the gameObject.
        /// -> Only for built applications / programs, when the annotation
        /// is not needed anymore.
        /// </summary>
        private void OnEnable()

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Thx! I will try & report.

I improved the code formatting. You might want to reload this page.

Hi! I tried it, but it got an error. Even if the platform is a PC, an error appears when Unity starts up. I sent an Annotation.cs I What is wrong with my work?

sorry, mail can’t deliveried…

Wow! I built the platform with vita and PS4. Errors are gone! Great! Thank you! I appreciate the wonderful response.



thanks a lot for the feedback and the bug report! I am sorry that you have this problem. I understood the problem and we will be starting to work on it immediately and try to provide a solution as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconveniences!