Upgrade Instructions to V1.1

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If you install xDoc on a new project (a project without prior xDoc installation), you can skip all of this. Just install xDoc the standard way and you are done.

If you are upgrading an xDoc installation in a project, which has already xDoc V1.0 running, please follow these instructions.

  1. Full Backup your project
    Due to human or machine error something may go wrong. You do not want to lose all your work. In the simplest case just copy your current project directory to somewhere else until you have finished the upgrade.
  2. In the Unity Asset Store window search for xDoc and click on xDoc
  3. In the Unity Asset Store xDoc Window, click on Import
  4. (CAUTION! IMPORTANT!) Select all items in the Import Unity Package window, BUT NOT the items in the Config folder as shown in the picture below.
    All items in the folder ‘Assets/Editor Default Resources/xox-FreeReader/Config’ have to be deselected!
  5. Click on Import.
  6. That’s it.