Boost your Teams Productivity with a Well Maintained Project!

xDoc, the best way to document your projects in Unity! 

xDoc is designed to be a documentation system: 

  • content data, 
  • meta data, 
  • browse, 
  • search and
  • bulk operations! 

With xDoc you get embedded documentation in the Unity editor. Don’t confuse this with just leaving single comments here and there. The important part is to be able to find and access the information you need, when you need it. This means you have to be able to browse and search your documentation. In the best case your content is also classified with meta-data, which you then can use to browse and search more efficiently.

How do I create my documentation? 

You build your documentation by adding annotation components to GameObjects. They contain the content and the meta data and you can adapt their look and feel to your taste and needs: Unobtrusive and inconspicuous or standing out and prominent. You can further customize annotations to be shown in the Inspector, the Hierarchy View or the Scene View.

How do I access my documentation? 

You can browse your annotations in the hierarchy view or in the bulk operations screen. The hierarchy view can show icons and text fields, which have popups with the full annotation text. Or you can search your documentation with the powerful, web-like search engine.

And how do I share my documentation? 

You can distribute your documentation with the included free reader.

Maintain a well documented project and boost your productivity with xDoc!

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Privacy Policy xox interactive for Software with No Collected Data NCD-01 (English Version)
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Last updated: January 1, 2014
Version: Initial Version 1.0

Brief Summary
  • The respective Software does not access any private data.

Please read all of the document to understand all details.

Notice about Revisions and Versions of this Document

This document may be revised or updated without notice. You are advised to review it regularly. We will publish updated versions of this document on our internet site (http://www.xoxinteractive.com). Details on updates can be found at the beginning of this document.

Please notice that we are a German company and bound by German law. For your convenience we have translated our German documents into English as well. In case of a discrepancy between the English and the German version of the same document the German version prevails. You can find the German version of this document here: http://xoxinteractive.com/company/deutsch-german/dokumente/datenschutzerklarung-xox-interactive-ohne-datensammlung-ncd-01-deutsche-version/.

Subject-Matter of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is only covering this respective software (the "Software"), which referred to this document or which has been shipped with the Software. Other software and our website have their own privacy policies.

Content of this Privacy Policy

xox interactive does not access or collect any private data with this Software.

However we do not have control over download sites (Google Play e.g.), used development kits (Android Development Libraries e.g.) or the government. To our best knowledge the used development kits do not collect data as well.

Here is the link to the manual in A4 format: http://xoxinteractive.com/utilities/xdoc/xdoc-manual/

Find the xDoc tutorials on this page: http://xoxinteractive.com/utilities/xdoc/xdoc-tutorials/




Unity 5.3.4 or higher




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